Electrical Boxes

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  • Superstrut A890EG Steel Channel Raceway Box

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  • Akron Electric CXJ12126LW-H1-N1-N4-N5 Hazardous Location Enclosure

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  • Functional Devices MH3204-N4 NEMA 4/4X Metal Housing Enclosure

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  • Hoffman A20P16G Interior Panel for Electrical NEMA Enclosure

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  • Quazite PG1324Z80117 Underground Electric Enclosure Assembly

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  • Wiegmann SC242408GNK 24″H x 24″W x 8″D Metallic Enclosure

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  • Sta-Con PC-S7.5 Phase Controller / LG SV055iS5-2NU Variable Frequency Drive

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  • 3-Gang PVC Non-Metallic Cable Box RACO 7846RAC

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