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Discounted Cutting Tools: Welcome

I am extremely pleased to announce that after months of behind the scenes work Dan’s Discount Tools finally has a website.

As a family-owned and run business, we have been selling discounted cutting tools on eBay for fifteen years. However, it was time to evolve and expand. Dan’s Discount Tools will continue selling end mills, carbide inserts, taps and more on eBay, but now machinists can find their favorite discounted cutting tools on our website. We have worked tirelessly to create a “big box” search filter that will make finding tools machinists need easier. The narrowing filter will make your buying experience more enjoyable. My hope is to also save you time.

Please note, we will continue to provide free fast shipping on eBay and our website. I look forward to hearing your feedback. We are committed to making our website the best possible resource possible for all machinists of all skill levels and experiences. If you are a machinist, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a suggestion or need help finding tooling.

Discounted Cutting Tools: 15 Years Later

Thank you for your years of support, my family and I greatly appreciate it. We sent everyone on our mailing list an email with a discount code. This code can be applied to your next purchase. Please sign up if you have not done so already. I will send semi-regular notifications of future discounts and giveaways.

I truly believe that “together we can succeed.” If you did not receive a discount code because you are not subscribed to our mailing list, you can use the following discount code at checkout to save on your cart total: DDT10



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  1. Proud of your new site!

    1. thanks dave! have a great night 🙂

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